COVID-19: Why are Markets Ignoring the Red Flags

By Clode Moradi, MSPFP, CFP® A lot of people are baffled by the current disconnect between what is happening in the world and the Markets. While the economy has been mostly shutdown and unemployment has skyrocketed, the stock markets seems … Continued

Hidden Cost of Free Rewards

By Clode Moradi, MSPFP, CFP® Ever wonder how credit card companies can giveaway so many rewards and still have enough money left over to take the world by storm? Seems like this question has been the main event in my … Continued

Deductible Home Loan Interest Matters

By Clode Moradi, MSPFP, CFP® Deductible Home Mortgage Interest It’s no wonder that one of the most talked about changes, as a result of “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017”, is the limits on deductible interest for secured … Continued

Debt and Buying a House in 2019

by Clode Moradi, MSPFP, CFP® I’m often asked about acceptable amounts of debt people should carry, and how a person would know when they are in a good position to buy a house? Being in position to efficiently fund your … Continued

2018 Solo 401(k) Establishment Deadline

by Clode Moradi, MSPFP, CFP®   There’s lots of confusions about this, so I’m going to give a basic explanation about account establishment, without getting into contribution calculations and how best to set them up. I like to cover that … Continued

Tactics Vs. Strategy

By Clode Moradi, MSPFP, CFP® The terms strategy and tactics originally came from the military when planning an attack. Now they also describe plans for other aspects of life. One of these is a financial plan. Using a strategy and … Continued

Wealth is a Byproduct, Not a Pursuit

By Clode Moradi, MSPFP, CFP® “Content people are not chasing happiness, but they are investing their mental energy and awareness in areas of life that can manifest true fulfillment and joy.” How Does This Relate to Money So, how does … Continued

Balance and Financial Independence

 By Clode Moradi, MSPFP, CFP® “Often times, a clearer and more defined path appears once we see through the fears and bias’s that keep us from reaching our true intentions.” Often times we hear the words “financial freedom” and “financial … Continued

Financial Planning

Hooray For HSA

By Clode Moradi, MSPFP, CFP® “The HSA is one of my favorite ways for young families to save money and pay for medical services using pre-tax funds.”   An HSA account is a Tax Advantaged Health Savings Account that is … Continued