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Investment Planning

Managing your assets and investments should be in sync with your overall investment strategy, that should ideally be addressed in a comprehensive financial plan. Investments can seem complicated, however; the type of investments that fit a specific client have a lot to do with their specific goals, needs, situation, as well as the asset allocation that exists in all of their assets combined (not just the portfolio that is being constructed). We believe that it is our job to deal with the complexity and guide our clients through the vast world of investments that are available today. In many scenario’s we find that our clients are paying investment related fee’s that they are not clear about, due to the complexity of investment vehicle structures and platforms that exist in the financial world. We help our clients simplify this process and educate them on how to stay on a clear strategic path based on their unique scenario’s and risk tolerance. We also spend a lot of time on defining risk and dealing with risk bias’s (aversion as well as proneness) that may help our clients break through certain beliefs that are associated with past tendencies and experiences. Because we are an independent firm, we use an open and flexible platform that gives us and our clients access to a vast world of investment strategies and choices.


Who We Are
Brilliant Financial Strategies is a financial planning firm that is dedicated to representing and guiding clients to help reach their full financial potential. Our number one concern is our clients growth and transformation through our financial and tax planning process. See why people are turning to Brilliant Financial for a planning process that addresses your financial life from all angles. Our team has a combined experience of over 40 years in the financial and tax arena with highly trained in-house staff dedicated specifically to our clients.

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